C          I          R          C          L          E                   O          F                  D          O          O          R          S

EVERYTHING TELLS YOU that what you're seeing can't be real, but behind the lies you tell yourself is an undeniable truth about to shatter the only reality you've ever known.

The futuristic video journal anonymously sent to Ethan Grey is a riddle of impossibility. Among entries by an unknown young woman is a documentary about a world-changing apocalyptic event that has never actually occurred. It should be dismissed as a hoax if it wasn't for the date codes and images of a mysterious and familiar energy that destroyed Ethan’s classified research facility and killed his colleagues - a conspiracy he was warned not to investigate.

A chance meeting with Alexandria Zavalla, a friend of his deceased wife, leads to the revelation of the journal. She's intrigued by the mystery and eager for adventure so a deal is struck that begins a global search for answers Ethan isn't sure he wants to find.

Strange clues lead halfway around the world to uncover the Order of the Black Sun, a ruthless organization quietly placing its members at the highest levels of the world's economic industries. None of it makes sense until connections to a secret past begin to unravel an inconceivable deception only Ethan can now uniquely understand.

Plagued by nightmares and a near debilitating fear of the unknown, the suicidal mission to stop a new world order begins. But Ethan knows something more - an impossible truth and hidden agenda of a far-reaching malevolence and his secret mission no one else would ever believe - no one except a gifted young woman who kept a journal.

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