C          I          R          C          L          E                   O          F                  D          O          O          R          S

Ranse Parker is a national award-winning writer, business entrepreneur and managing partner for Cathedral Media Entertainment, LLC.

He began his career as a broadcast and production engineer in the satellite systems, television and radio divisions of a large broadcasting conglomerate. Later he transitioned into systems engineering and project management for the private sector before organizing and operating several tech-related businesses and corporations of his own. He was also a contributing writer and editor for an international trade magazine with other works published in various print and electronic media including journals for the U.S. Military and automotive industry.

In 2002, a series of extraordinary personal events led Mr. Parker to focus entirely on a secret 5-year writing and publishing project that produced his first novel, CIRCLE OF DOORS. The novel received critical acclaim and caught the attention of filmmakers and other NYT best-selling authors as well as receiving two national awards for Visionary Fiction. The novel has been adapted for film and is currently in development for a major motion picture.

Mr. Parker is also a musician, theatrical audio engineer, graphic artist, amateur photographer and automotive, motorcycle and aviation (helicopter) enthusiast. He lives with his family in the Northwestern United States.

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