C          I          R          C          L          E                   O          F                  D          O          O          R          S


THE ATROCITIES OF MANKIND that plague our world are at the hands of those who believe they will never be held accountable for their actions, or who have chosen that dark path by impudent conviction. Likewise, those who suffer at their feet, or by that of an unseen prejudice may also believe that true justice does not exist.
     I submit that it does, and when its time comes it will judge us not in courts filled with lies and deception or with imperfect perception, but from within, where the genuine desires of the soul will become our savior, or executioner.
     This inevitable judgment will be pure, impartial, and final—an undeniable accounting documented in the book that is our lives—read in an instant from beginning to end. Every word on every page formed from the very intention of thought harbored in the farthest recesses of our souls will be illuminated with the brilliance of the sun—reflected in glory—sequestered with unquenchable fire.
     Those who have chosen to walk the paths of darkness will find no shadows for retreat, no sales of mercy, no eleventh-hour repentance, no alibis of ignorance or reprieves by religion when masks are removed and truth ignites the jury inside. For I profess to be nothing more than what I am, but what I am is everything, and it is with all that we are that we will then be known.

— Excerpt from Circle of Doors

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