C          I          R          C          L          E                   O          F                  D          O          O          R          S

"This book just begs to be a movie."

—SP Romney, Radio Personality

"I chose your book, Circle of Doors, for our book group to read because it was different and I loved it! I hope to see more from you. Thank you Ranse Parker!!"

—Kristin J. Graziano

“I had the pleasure of meeting you at Costco in Salt Lake City. I was not planning to purchase your book, but you told me a bit about it and encouraged me to give it a try. I loved it and plan to reread it. I look forward to your next book and will purchase same without hesitation. Is there a Circle of Doors sequel planned? Or a movie? Both would be wonderful. Thank you for providing me with a great reading experience.”  

 —Vicki Mumby

“The book was both an enjoyable read and a stimulator of reflection.”

—Julie Bagley

“I found Circle of Doors to be thought provoking and awe-inspiring. I will share your book with many others and look forward to reading more of your work.”

—Jana Whittaker

“I just finished your book and absolutely loved it. I didn't want it to end. Will recommend it to others.”


“Circle of Doors was profoundly inspirational to me. I could relate so much with what Ethan was going through emotionally in the story and I believe others will find the same connection. Through reading the book, I learned that with courage, faith, and a little bit of help, a person can make those course corrections you talk about, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Thank You.”


“I was well impressed with your story. It is the stuff epic films are made of and I hope to see it on the big screen one day soon. I think your work rivals C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien in a modern genre. The story has a skillful blending of the real and surreal, the spiritual and physical. I especially loved the chapter Heart of Fear. The picture you painted there was terrific.”

—Martha Pettijohn Morrise

“I’m a voracious reader and Ranse Parker is now at the top of my list of literary talents with his first novel, Circle of Doors. It’s a world-class work. Discovering this wonderful book was like finding a treasure. The story is thought provoking, inspiring, fast paced and very, very well written. A book like this comes along so seldom that one feels a great loss when it’s finished and there isn’t more to read. I could not more highly recommend this action packed, uniquely original, beautifully written work!”

—Judy Perry

“I just want to let you know that your book is killing me. I enjoyed meeting you at Costco, but made a big mistake in starting to read your work with a deadline looming to get my own book finished. I will have my book done and ready when you have your signing at the Jordan Landing Barnes & Noble next month and hope to visit with you then. Until then, I hope I can keep my hands off Circle of Doors. It has really captured my interest. Good job.”

—Nancy J. Miles

“Circle of Doors is an exciting globe-hopping adventure. Twists and turns keep you glued to the book and anxiously turning pages for hours at a time while vivid details stir the imagination and spring images to life in the mind’s eye. This story ignites powerful emotions about family, faith, devotion and love. Truly, this is what a great author does for his readers. I thoroughly enjoyed the exciting and emotional ride this book provided.”

—Robert Astle

“I am so glad that I bought your book. It was hard to put down. I enjoyed it immensely and have passed it on to friends and will recommend it to everyone that I know. You are a great writer and I cannot wait for your next book. I enjoyed meeting you. It is rare for me to actually meet the author of a book that I have read. Congratulations on a winner!”

—Cathryn Pratt

“Loved it. Spent two days reading almost non-stop. Looking forward to your next one.”

—Roy Sandoval

“My daughter and son-in-law let me read your first novel and I was so glad to have the privilege to read and to enjoy it. It had very exciting moments and towards the end (I) couldn't wait to finish it and now am looking so forward to your next book. You have a way with words. Thanks again and best of luck to you.”

—Dori Kennedy

“Circle of Doors is thought-provoking and inspiring. You won’t be able to put it down once you begin. Ranse is a brilliant writer. His sense of humor and understanding of the full range of feelings — that we all have — is compelling.”

—Dianna Pappas-Marchese

“The book’s symbolism was deep and offers something for readers of all ages. Parker has a masterful way of describing emotion, including the use of musical metaphors — and that appeals to my heart.”

—Julie Van Sickle

“I was impressed. It was well-written and I loved his characters. Though at times the book was technically challenging, its information and real-life drama was a good mix. I can’t wait for more of his writings.”

—June Tverdy

“Circle of Doors was very refreshing.  I devour books and found it to be different from anything I have ever read.  I enjoyed it as a fun read and found its principles to be thought provoking and true.  It is not often an author allows me to use my imagination and bends my mind at the same time.” 

—Kevin Whittington

“Circle of Doors is an extremely clever, exhilarating read with compelling characters you grow to love. Parker has the ability to weave layers of meaning into a fascinating and absorbing tale. This beautifully written story will draw you back again and again. An outstanding debut!”

—Kelly Welker

“Wow! I just finished Ranse Parker’s Circle of Doors and am now enshrouded with lingering mists of Ethan Grey. Parker has created a bittersweet mystery that begins in intense loss and with expert dexterity quickly moves into international intrigue. He provides an insider’s scientific knowledge exposing frightening possibilities and creating within the reader’s subconscious the constant nagging question, “What if?”

It is fast paced with clear, flowing prose. A first-rate suspense novel with a great plot and characters that stay friends long after the last page is read. I’m looking forward to his next novel.”

—Sallee Drake

“Circle of Doors was very well written and reminded me of The DaVinci Code. It should be made into a movie.”

—Joe M.

“It takes an extremely talented writer to engage readers from the very first words of a novel and keep them entirely engrossed in the story until the end. Ranse Parker is that writer.  He has created a masterpiece of a story that lives on in one's mind long after the last page has been turned. His ability to permeate all of the senses with such vivid descriptions of characters and places is mesmerizing. The journey does indeed open the mind to possibilities that would otherwise seem implausible.”

—Angie Larrabee

“Circle of Doors is an intriguing book to read. It’s interesting and fun to watch the relationships of the characters grow. Coming from a science background, I like to see real science mixed into a novel. This one has just the right amount of mystery, romance, science, and social issues to make it a great story.”

—David Dunn

“A friend recommended your book ‘Circle of Doors‘ and loaned me his copy to read. Once I began I found it hard to put the book down. It ended up being one of the best books I have ever read. The way you connected the past, the present, and the future and presented a means for a mere mortal to be led in a way that could change catastrophic future events was very well done. Your ability to include the dark side and contrast it to the spiritual side is remarkable. The book made me feel like I, as an individual, am a person of real worth.

 You could have gone a different direction regarding the baser parts of the relationships and used gutter language. I’m very glad you chose not to. This book can be enjoyed by young teens and adults without concern about content.

 My wife is currently reading the book and I have already requested that she recommend it to her book club. I’ll be getting copies for my children. Thanks for a great literary experience.”

—Larry Porter

“An ancient voyage, fables, scrolls, scientific discoveries, all intertwined within the present, past and future. It’s a fascinating story of intrigue, mystery and romance that will keep you guessing.”

—Dr. Albert J. Munk

“The story in Circle of Doors is about us all, collectively and individually, and about life choices. It describes who we are, why we are here, and where we are going in relation to those choices with the resulting experiences we might have. It is a book of opposites: despair vs. hope, hatred vs. love, darkness vs. light, doubt vs. faith, fear vs. empowerment. We become intimately acquainted with the characters, their strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges they must confront which cause them to progress or regress. Emotions are perfectly described. The story is full of miracles, symbolisms, technical information (easily understood), time travel, mysteriously appearing people and strange organizations, visions, and other topics many authors shy away from, but which Mr. Parker assembles together in a magical way.

Mr. Parker is a gifted writer whose knowledge of a vast variety of things greatly enhances the work. His concepts are vividly portrayed. The story draws you in as an observer while it progresses with people who quickly become your friends or enemies. When he offers his philosophy, it is strong and directed with uncompromising values. Mr. Parker’s writing style enables the reader to see and hear things as they are, with no imperfections to block our senses.

One of the truly good things about the book is that the author refuses to lower himself to using gutter language and resorting to sleaze. I believe that many readers are looking for a book of this caliber and quality, and I think most will enjoy reading Circle of Doors. But pay attention! Much of the deliciousness is in the details.”

—David Larsen

“I found Circle of Doors to be not only intriguing, but also very descriptive and a fun read.  It stimulates consideration of what may be possible within scientific realms, spiritual planes and the human potential.  The story, though rich and complete on its own, is also ripe for a sequel.”

—Valerie B.

“I really enjoyed reading the book. It was interesting and kept me wondering how it was all going to tie together. It was well written and kept the reader involved in the story.  I think it will make a wonderful movie.”

—S. Leonard

“Circle of Doors is a novel like many others. It has words, pages, acknowledgments, chapters, and a colorful jacket, but that’s where the similarity ends. In order to fully enjoy this work as the author has intended, you need time to make sure you can savor each paragraph, and an agreement with your wife, husband, father, mother... that no matter what they hear during times of enteric, wrenching emotion, you won’t be disturbed, thus ensuring privacy for the characters you will befriend on your journey.

You will wonder in awe at the people you meet and the places you go, and at the passion with which the story was written, bringing to life the characters and events that transpire. You will be amazed at graphic details and the extensive research done which helps visualize picturesque mental images that awaken your subconscious, leaving you open to that which is to follow.

Mysticism, enlightenment, frustration and euphoria are just some of the feelings you will navigate as you read. You will feel a need to finish once you begin, and once you finish, a need to begin again. Is it real, or only a dream?”

—J.L. Wiggins

“A provocative read from both spiritual and worldly perspectives.  The author's reflections and vivid descriptions give the reader a true sense of participation in this complex story web.”

—Jennifer Zimmerman

“Amazing and beautifully written. An intensely thought provoking, inspired work with a sophisticated and engaging story line that completely captivates the imagination.”

—Lynnette Welker


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